Here's How One Preschool Uses Digital Signage

Here's How One Preschool Uses Digital Signage

Parents always want to be assured that their children are enjoying their stay in school and are in good hands, especially when they're still in preschool.

At Primrose School of Lake Wylie, an early childhood education center in Charlotte, North Carolina, this was achieved by using digital signage.

"There was no Nixplay Signage when we first started the school, but we actually tried to come up with ways in which we can better communicate with our parents," says Barry Mahal, who owns the school.

"[Nixplay Signage] allows us to let them know what's going on in the school and various things that are going on in the community," he shares. "We take a lot of video and photographs throughout the day, and when the parents come in in the evening, they look to see if their child has made it up on to the display."

"It's great fun to see the excitement that they get out of it, just being a part of the whole environment that's captured by the Nixplay unit."

Watch this video to learn more about Nixplay Signage has done for Primrose School:


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