PlayStation Announces New Games With Nixplay Signage

PlayStation Announces New Games Using Nixplay Signage

Even big companies need help promoting their products. Case in point: PlayStation, which found it challenging to control the content they publish across Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

“We update content very often. In every month or even every week, there are always new games waiting to be promoted in a number of events,” says Jacqueline Chiu, the General Manager of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Marketing Communication Department & Network Business Department (HK & SE Asia). “Before using Nixplay Signage, we used to settle for some traditional tools such as posters or using USB memory sticks to put trailer videos on screen.”


After implementing Nixplay Signage, the PlayStation team found it infinitely easier to manage their promotional content across the Southeast Asian region. Thanks to Nixplay Signage’s proprietary software, Jacqueline and her team can now easily control the videos and photos that are being shown, say, in Thailand, from their office in Hong Kong.

“This new solution makes things really convenient now since we no longer need to request several different people to update the content,” she shares. “On top of that, we do not need to check again if the content has been updated or not.”

This simple measure has made PlayStation’s marketing strategy more efficient, saving the company thousands of dollars’ worth of time and manpower.

“Nixplay Signage is a truly out-of-the-box digital solution.”

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