5 Restaurants Creating Better Experiences With Digital Signage

5 Restaurants Creating Better Experiences With Digital Signage

Get five tips about how proper restaurant signage can boost your public image and customer experience at the same time.

Among the many industries that can benefit from digital signage, restaurants have perhaps the most versatility. This versatility of restaurant signage comes with more than a little enjoyment for both restaurant owners and their guests. Here are five ways restaurants can manifest better experiences through the calculated use of digital signage.

1. Those Seeking to Reduce Wait Times

Lunch and dinner rushes can be quite chaotic not only for restaurant employees, but for those waiting for service, and such rushes are most certainly an exercise in patience. While your guests can always entertain themselves with their smartphones, you might prefer to distract them from their wait with restaurant digital signage. This can include your menu, current specials, a feed from your social media profiles or anything else you’d like to share while customers are inside your establishment.

Whatever you share, make sure it’s actually engaging, relevant and encourages the reader to keep coming back to your restaurant for more. It’s undoubtedly true that no one likes waiting for a second longer than absolutely necessary, but you can do your part to alleviate agitation with interesting content, videos and reading the material.

2. Those That Make Good Use of Digital Menu Boards

You and your employees are sure to appreciate it when guests and customers know what they want when it’s time to order, mainly because it keeps the line moving and keeps your employees from becoming bored as customers make up their minds. Add restaurant menu boards to lines so customers not only have something to occupy their minds while waiting but so they have a solid idea of what they want when it’s their turn to order.

5 Restaurants Creating Better Experiences With Digital Signage

You can even make it so your digital signage informs customers of whether you’re out of something, giving them time to decide on an alternative while in line rather than waiting until it’s their turn to order. Even if customers have a question or two for your employees, looking over the menu while in line might give them the opportunity to figure out the answer on their own.

3. Those Who Want Their Customers to Act as Secondary Advertisers

Anyone who’s been on social media long enough knows how much people love posting pictures of food. In addition to having the best digital menu board software, you can also have the best advertising and marketing team in the form of your customers. Specifically, you can display your company’s social media profile information as well as any tags your guests can use when sharing images of your food or your restaurant.

To encourage guests, you can offer them coupons or discounts if they upload images of your cuisine and use your approved hashtags. You never know when a single image is enough to make someone’s mouth water and turn them into your next loyal customer who will also share images of your food and keep the cycle going. This is a simple yet effective way to spread the good news about your menu.


4. Those Looking to Spread the Word About Their Latest Promotions

No matter how much time and effort you put into your marketing campaign, including the method mentioned above, there’s no guarantee you’ll reach everyone in your intended audience. Do yourself a favor and put your restaurant signage to good use and promote your latest promotions, specials, discounts, and new menu items.

No matter what you choose to display, be sure you add helpful images or videos to truly get customers interested in what you’ve got to offer. With the way visual technology has advanced in recent years, you guests all but expect to see images of your food and eye-catching graphics, so let ‘em have it.

To reach as wide of an audience as possible, and to keep people engaged in your signage no matter how many times they come in, be sure to change what you display on your promotional screen. You can change things up according to the time of day, whichever product you want to push the most or whatever is the most popular.

5. Those Seeking to Create a Company Culture

If you want to shake things up a bit when it comes to how you use your digital signage, you can use it as a way to share your company culture with your customers, which goes a long way in making your business that much more relatable and less like just another restaurant. Specifically, you can share images of your employees, company events and the like.

You can also let your employees share their favorite menu items and reasons for liking those particular selections. Additionally, you can share interesting tidbits of information about your restaurants, such as a special preparation method or information regarding how your food is sourced if your ingredients come from a farm or special supplier. Customers like knowing the businesses they support and how they do business, so don’t be afraid to share with them.

Take your restaurant and customer service experience to the next level with these tips and your digital signage. Best of luck!

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