7 Ideas For Updating Your Hotel With Digital Signage

7 Ideas For Updating Your Hotel With Digital Signage

Your hotel lobby — not to mention your hallways. — could benefit from digital signage as well. High-quality signs that are easy to read and provide relevant pictures and videos with text earn your guests’ attention and helps them navigate your property and local attractions around the city. Check out these digital lobby display ideas.

1. Create Basic Announcements

Of course, one of the most relevant ways to use digital signage is to make it easy for hotel guests to see relevant information or announcements. This is an excellent way to advertise available hotel discounts, events, and other upcoming promotions.

7 Ideas For Updating Your Hotel With Digital Signage

If your establishment is known for taking in guests who don’t already have a reservation, a digital sign is an excellent alternative to the old-fashioned vacancy signs. Use one outside the building and in the lobby to display how many rooms you have available, prices, and any basic amenities such as cable television or a swimming pool.

2. Display Your Reviews

Modern technology means you can integrate your digital signs with your social media accounts. Connect Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even review sites such as TripAdvisor and display exactly what makes your hotel special.

From gorgeous photos to rave reviews from former guests, your news guests will feel confident in their choice to stay at your hotel if one of the first things they see is a list of people who enjoyed their stay in the past.

3. Provide Transportation Information

Depending on where your hotel is located, your guests may not prefer to explore the local area on their own. It may even be that they don’t have their own car or ride-sharing app if they took a shuttle from the airport to your location.

While many people use Uber or Lyft these days, some still prefer trains, buses, traditional taxis or other forms of transportation. Your digital sign can provide local bus schedules and stop locations, a phone number for a taxi service and shuttle schedules to and from your hotel to the airport or other locations.

4. Advertise Local Attractions

One of the most effective lobby display ideas is to advertise local attractions. Guests that are in town for vacation or who have extra time between meetings will often be interested in discovering local attractions.

7 Ideas For Updating Your Hotel With Digital Signage

Use digital signage around your hotel to highlight some of the area’s museums, nature preserves, theaters, music venues or anything else that makes your location awesome. You can also provide ticket prices, locations and phone numbers that guests can use to make reservations or receive more information.

5. Partner With Local Businesses

Advertising local businesses go hand in hand with mentioning local attractions on your digital signage. Is there a five-star restaurant nearby? Does the bar across the street have an excellent happy hour? Talk to them about advertising for them.

Other businesses will likely be quite happy to advertise their location and services on your digital sign. Hotel guests will also be happy to have a list of local establishments they can check out. Don’t forget to consider other types of businesses. Guests often have a need for grocery stores, spas, salons or pharmacies, among others.

6. Add A Menu Or Hotel Map

Finally, use your digital signage to help your guests navigate the inner working of your property. Does the hotel have a bar? Advertise the happy hour specials or special events.

7 Ideas For Updating Your Hotel With Digital Signage

Perhaps you have an on-site restaurant that does daily specials. List the specials on your display signs. You can also provide a list of other amenities, such as business centers, pools and spas, gyms or gift shops, and a quick set of directions for finding those areas of the hotel.

7. Promote Upcoming Events

Of course, part of running a successful hotel is convincing guests to stay with you again. One of the easiest ways you can do this is to advertise upcoming events that would likely require getting a hotel to enjoy.

Does your city have large-scale music or cultural festival? Are you near a venue that is hosting an exclusive tour? Perhaps you just happen to be lucky enough to be close to the ocean and want to remind guests that beach weather is on the horizon.

Use your digital sign to pique customers’ interest in upcoming events that could make them want to reserve a hotel for a weekend.

When deciding which digital signage to purchase, remember to consider your own convenience as well. An excellent choice will provide cloud storage, allow you to create playlists and schedules, and have an easy-to-navigate interface that leaves you feeling like a signage pro.

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