Best Practices for Digital Signage in Education

Best Practices for Digital Signage in Education

Digital signage can be revolutionary for schools or educational institutions. A major problem today for schools and universities is how to make sure their students and faculty are informed, engaged and motivated. Integrated digital signage allows them to manage and display relevant content in your institution. In this post, we provide best practices for digital signage in education. In our content tips series, you can find tips for other industries like retail, gyms, and offices.

Staff Profiles

Digital signage is a great way to build trust between parents and faculty. Digital signage allows you to display your brilliant faculty- an important consideration while choosing an education institute. Use signage screens to show the qualifications of your staff, their years of experience, the research they are taking up, and any awards they have won. Build trust in the community and possibly, increase admission rates through digital signage usage in education.

Best Practices for Digital Signage in Education

Student of the Year

Keep the motivation of your students high. Make sure they get recognized for their efforts throughout the year by awarding one student of the year. Use Nixplay signage for your education institute to display students on the dean's lists and students who become the student of the year.

It will give them recognition in the academic community, inform other students about the possibilities of achieving these accolades. Who knows, this can increase the class average grade!


One of the main concerns of students in university is getting relevant work experience on hand. Though most education institutes publicize job and internship openings through a careers page, it is very easy for students to miss. Displaying opportunities through digital signage can ensure that they are well informed and up to date.


Financial aid is always an area of interest for Ph.D. students, students, and parents. Attending school and university can often leave a large financial burden. Use digital signage to call for applications to scholarships and funding at your education institution. Clearly outline criteria and deadlines so you won’t get any comments saying, “ I didn’t know!”

Best Practices for Digital Signage in Education

Event Information

Many schools and universities run a variety of events throughout the year. Cultural evenings, annual shows, talent shows, and parent-teacher meetings are just a few of them. Digital signage can help remind students about these events and increase participation and audience numbers. For talks and lectures, you can use digital signage to display speaker biographies about guest speakers.

Cafeteria Menus

We all know cafeteria menus are a large draw for students. A lot of students want to know what the cafeteria during the day as they hop from class to class. This is where digital signage comes in. It’s a great way to display menu items for the day, specials like green Mondays and even offer discounts during slower periods of the day. Who knew cafeteria menus could be so important to education institutes?

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