How to Use Digital Signage in Restaurants

How to Use Digital Signage in Restaurants

Digital signage can help attract, retain and grow restaurant customers. Nixplay Digital Signage gives you some content tips on how to maximize the impact of digital signage in your restaurant.

Nutritional Information

As an increasing number of customers are becoming more health and diet conscious. This directly affects restaurants as customer start eating out less or they choose options for their health benefits when they do go out.  To boost the perceived value of your menu, use digital signage to display your food's nutritional information. This is most convenient for those with seasonal or constantly evolving menus and ingredients.

How to Use Digital Signage in Restaurants

With digital signage, you can save the cost of reprinting this information on physical menus. Displaying this information clearly on digital signage can help attract health-conscious customers and retain them too as they see accurate nutritional information being displayed.

Daily Specials

Breakfast specials, lunch sets, happy hours, or holiday specials are all ways of boosting sales during quiet periods of the week. To make sure these deals get optimal coverage make sure to use digital signage to promote them.  Use an easy content management system like Nixplay Signage to schedule this content to automatically appear in the time periods you have assigned. Displaying these special deals on digital signage in your restaurant will help to ensure a steady stream of customers, even during the quiet periods.

How to Use Digital Signage in Restaurants

There’s always that dreaded question, “What do you recommend?” For many waiters, this is a hard question because some of them never had the chance to try the dishes they are serving. Make everyone’s life easier by displaying chef’s recommendations on digital signage, you can also update your digital signage with seasonal chef’s specials so everyone knows what to eat!

Private Events and Catering

To boost business, many restaurants also offer catering packages and special prices for private events where customers can book the entire restaurant for an event. In some cases, the only way customers know about this is by asking the restaurant managers directly, browsing carefully on their website or through printed leaflets.

Sometimes restaurants have trouble updating their catering menus or pricing. Presenting this information to customers is easier with digital signage, where you can make sure that you let them know the latest prices and information for catering packages or offer seasonal packages.  Also, you can use signage to let customers know in advance when you’re hosting private events in your restaurants.

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