Tips For Calculating & Maximizing Digital Signage ROI

Tips For Calculating & Maximizing Digital Signage ROI

n an effort to spread the word about your company or school, boost overall customer satisfaction and give your efficiency a boost, you might have considered a digital signage strategy. As with any investment, you’ve got to do your homework about the effectiveness and overall digital signage ROI before spending time or money. Here are a few ways to better calculate your ROI and get the most out of digital signs.

Improving Digital Signage ROI

Know Your Goals

As demonstrated above, there are several reasons for using signage software. One of the best ways of determining just how well your new displays are doing is to know why you’re using them in the first place. Do you want to boost sales, customer awareness, brand recognition or product/service perception, or is your aim to share special benefits and features of your products or services? Once you know what your ultimate goal is, you’ll have a solid starting point for measuring your overall success.

Tips For Calculating & Maximizing Digital Signage ROI

Measure Retention

You likely invested in the best digital signage for the benefit of your customers, so you might as well involve them with your evaluation process. Reach out to your audience and ask them if they notice your digital signage and if they were able to successfully retain the information you were sharing. If you instead use digital signage for your employees, ask them if they feel the information presented is helpful and allows them to be more effective at their jobs. The answers you receive go a long way in letting you know whether you’re on the right track or if your approach could use some tweaking.

Study How Your Audience Reacts To Your Signage

Just because you have a specific goal for your digital signs doesn’t necessarily guarantee that’s how your target audience is going to react. While you should most certainly have a specific purpose in mind for your signs, you should also be open to other possibilities you might not have considered before. Contact your customers to see how they feel about your signs and the specific action or reaction it stirred. See how responses measure up to your original intention(s) and if there are other ways for you to consider using your signs. To better maximize your results, ask your audience if they have any tips for how you can improve your efforts. There’s a lot you can do on your own, but even more that can be accomplished when you ask for feedback and use it to your advantage.

Go Public

In terms of getting the most out of digital signage, know that public venues make for the perfect medium. While online marketing and advertising are most certainly trending news, old school methods haven’t gotten too shabby either. Some reports show digital signs draw more eyes than social media sites or online videos. Apps and new and improved ways of using the internet might eliminate the need for people to leave the comfort of their homes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a desire to do so. Digital billboards are perfect for on-the-go advertising and marketing, so be sure to put them to good use to widen your reach.

Use Them To Engage & Distract Customers

Work in an industry with lines or wait times? Digital signage is a great distraction to make customers and patients feel as if they aren’t waiting in line or in the waiting room for as long as they actually are. While some are fine with distracting themselves with their phones or periodicals scattered about the waiting area, batteries can run down and magazines can fail to capture the interest of those waiting. To keep the seconds and minutes from feeling more like hours and days, digital signage makes for great engagement and distraction.

Tips For Calculating & Maximizing Digital Signage ROI

Allow Yourself To Imagine The Possibilities

Something to keep in mind with digital signs is they serve more purposes than you’ve likely considered. Companies can use them to share useful information with employees, such as current sales or daily goals. There are likely ways you can use signage to reduce the time and cost of printing easily shareable information. Don’t box yourself into thinking signage can only be used for marketing or advertising.

Enhance your digital signage strategy by knowing how to measure your ROI and make the most of your investment. Use these tips and a bit of ingenuity to take your position in your chosen industry to the next level.

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